Friday, April 24, 2009

Lots of Bull. Also: Milton Bradley isn't game

The Bald Truth

Despite their 8,000-point home loss to the Celtics in Game 3, it wasn't all bad for the Bulls.

At least this time, Vinny Del Negro didn't leave his team with no time-outs for the crucial closing seconds.

The Quote & The List

"The Celtics have gotten all of the breaks." - Comcast Sports Net's Kendall Gill, before Thursday night's game.

Oh, absolutely! 

And now let's count those breaks the Celtics have gotten in this series:

5. How fortunate for Boston that Kevin Garnett has a bum knee and can't play. Had that talentless loser been in the lineup, Big Baby Davis never would have had a chance to repeatedly humiliate whatever that is the Bulls call defense.

4. That missed free throw by Paul Pierce at the end of regulation in Game 1 was a huge break for the Celtics. Sure, they lost instead of winning, but they also got to play overtime, which obviously got them ready for Games 2 and 3.

3. The sprained ankle Rajon Rondo suffered during Game 2 was perfect for the Celtics because he was starting to get a little bored going around Derrick Rose and the rest of the Bulls' alleged defense.

2. The season-ending injury to backup forward Leon Powe made it possible for the great Brian Scalabrine to get playing time. I mean, it was hard to imagine the Celtics having a chance without any headband-wearing, red-headed geeks.

1. The Celtics losing Game 1 and nearly losing Game 2 clearly made the Bulls overconfident. Which is perfectly understandable given that Boston is the defending NBA champion and the Bulls had to scramble just to make the playoffs.

The Balder Truth

At least Rose always will have Game 1.

Before canonizing the kid, everybody forgot he is, in fact, a kid.

When he says he has to improve a lot, believe him. Or just watch the tape of his Game 3 turnover-a-thon.

The Quote II

"It was like one team was in the playoffs and one team was in the preseason." - Bulls captain Kirk Hinrich.

No list, embellishment or further comment necessary.


Three weeks into the Cubs' season, and Milton Bradley has had the exact same number of hits as ejections, suspensions and media feuds.

For those scoring at home, that's one of each.

This guy is going to be a piece of work all season, as illustrated by Thursday's goings-on at Wrigley Field. Here's a link to the story I wrote for AP: 

Unlike my beat-writer colleagues, I really don't care if Cousin Miltie ever talks to me or not. And I don't think most Cubbie fans care if he engages the media, either. They just want him to get healthy, stay out of trouble and hit. And I just want him to opt against picking me up and throwing me into a dumpster.

One thing for sure: Lou Piniella already is getting a little impatient with the $30 Million Head Case. Like the rest of us, the skipper must be wondering why Bradley won't accept MLB's two-game suspension (for umpire abuse) while he's hurt instead of waiting until he's healthy.

Assuming Bradley ever gets healthy, that is. 

My favorite part of the day was listening to the Cincinnati baseball writers who covered Piniella back in his wild-and-crazy Reds heyday speculating on how long it will be before Sweet Lou goes all Rob Dibble on Cousin Miltie.

Hey kids ... more than five months of fun to go!

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