Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No pussy-footing around Lovable Loser history

The Bald Truth

Folks at Wrigley Field had a fun fourth inning Tuesday night. Not only did a cat run onto the field, but a fan sitting in the vicinity of the Bartman seat reached out and caught a foul ball that left fielder Alfonso Soriano was (kind of) pursuing.

When Jay Bruce followed the Bartman-like play with a single that pulled Cincinnati into a tie, fans booed the Bartman-like perpetrator.

Yes, what fun ... if only any of it had anything to do with actual Cubs history.

First, the cat in question was mostly white, with brown and black markings. In other words, it looked about as much like the Santo-spooking black cat of '69 as I look like Brad Pitt.

As for the Bartman-ish play ...

1. The fan caught the ball, which Bartman didn't on that infamous October 2003 night. And Tuesday's fan wasn't wearing glasses and headphones.

2. Soriano had zero chance to catch the ball. That's right: even less of a chance than Moises Alou had to catch the Bartman ball.

3. The Reds scored one run that inning, not eight.

4. The Cubs went on to win Tuesday's game rather than choke away another pennant.

5. Dusty Baker was in the visiting dugout.

6. This was an April game that, in the big picture, meant squat.

Still, let's not let facts stand in the way of people equating anything and everything with the Ghosts of Cubbies Past.

The only thing Cubbieland enjoys more than the Lovable Losers is constantly revisiting all of the horrors those Losers have endured for eons upon eons.

The Balder Truth

In addition to Kevin Garnett being out, one of his backups, Leon Powe, now has been lost for the rest of the playoffs. And Rajon Rondo, the point guard the Bulls can't stop, is hobbled with an ankle injury.

Suddenly, the Celtics are thinner than Calista Flockhart at the end of a month-long fast.

At this point, frankly, the Bulls are a better team than the Celtics. And they have homecourt advantage, too.

If they don't win this series now, it will reflect pretty poorly on the Chicago players and their time-out-squandering coach, Vinny Del Negro.


It couldn't have been a coincidence that Fisher sponsored the Carlos Zambrano commemorative no-hitter figurine that was given to fans Tuesday.

A nut company sponsoring a Cra-Z souvenir. Beautiful.

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