Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ozzie Being Ozzie

The List

Top five printable Ozzie Guillen quotes from Wednesday:

5. "This kid, he do what he supposed to do, he will make 12 to 15 million dollars in this game. But if he do what he's doing right now, he might land in Korea playing." - On mistake-prone White Sox utility player Brent Lillibridge.

4. "He pitched good for us. He helped us to make a couple of good trades, too." - On Texas right-hander Brandon McCarthy, who will pitch against his former team for the first time Friday. The White Sox traded McCarthy - not a Guillen favorite - to the Rangers for John Danks.

3. "DeRo was good there. He started playing every day. When he was in Atlanta, you gotta remember: DeRo was my backup. And I was the backup." - On Mark DeRosa becoming a good hitter with the Rangers after leaving the Braves and before joining the Cubs.

2. "If Coop is so good, how come he couldn't fix Mike MacDougal?" - On White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper. MacDougal was waived Wednesday, when the team opted to eat his $2.65 million contract.

1. "Because he's always got good hitters. It's easy to be a hitting coach with that team. They have talent. I want to send him Karkovice and Biancalana and Ozzie Guillen to see how good he is." - On Texas' Rudy Jaramillo, whom Guillen had just called "one of the best hitting coaches in the game."

Wow. And you should have heard what Ozzie was saying off the record!

Put it this way: If I tried to write any of it, I'd probably break my computer's "F" key due to overuse.

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  1. he always talks funny...apparently that is important in a good coach.