Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hoops + Hardball = Heaven

The List

What a great day, when the NCAA crowned a national basketball champion (without even needing computer geeks to choose the combatants) and most MLB teams played their season-openers.

Eight not-so-elite thoughts from a fun Monday so chock full of sports stuff I had to record "24" to watch later in the week:

1. I guess homecourt advantage doesn't mean all that much when the visitor has a better player - make that a significantly better player - at every position.

2. And how 'bout the day Michael Jordan had? Early on, he learned he was voted into the Hall of Fame on his first time on the ballot - shocking! - and before the day was through, his beloved Tar Heels throttled Sparty to win the national title. Oh, and between those events, just to make himself feel really good, he counted his money.

3. So, Cubbieland, what happens first: Milton Bradley missing a game due to injury or Kosuke Fukudome getting a base hit? 

4. OK, I get why Lou Piniella subbed Joey Gathright for Fukudome in center field for the ninth inning. But why not just move K-Fu over to right, where he is infinitely better than Bradley? Luckily for the Cubs, the ball Bradley botched that inning didn't cost Carlos Zambrano a well-deserved victory.

5. No matter how hard they wish it to be true, Cardinals fans can't make catcher-turned-closer Jason Motte into a game-saving stud. The bullpen killed the Cards last season, and 2009 might be more of the same.

6. Come October, it looks like it will be Pirates vs. Orioles in a rematch of the '79 We Are Family World Series. Just like we all predicted.

7. First, out-of-nowhere 2008 AL Cy Young winner Cliff Lee compiled a 12.46 spring-training ERA. Then, he got shelled by the Rangers in Cleveland's opener, giving him a 12.60 ERA. Can you say "fluke"? I knew you could.

8. So what if CC Sabathia got rocked in his Yankees debut? He looked mahvelous, dahling. And just wait until he gets to wear those home pinstripes. Very slimming!

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  1. i actually peaked at the b ball game (annie oakley was a repeat on pbs) what a bad game for a championship... 19 turnovers in the first half...p eu..