Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bad Eleven strikes again

I went into this college football season determined not to ridicule the Big Ten by calling it the Bad Eleven, as I've had to do in recent years.

Then the Bad Eleven had to ruin everything by playing games. Sorry.

Illinois got crushed by Missouri, and you know what that means: Time to extend Ron Zook's contract again!

Ohio State needed an intercepted 2-point conversion pass in the waning moments to beat Navy.

Iowa had to block two late field goals to pull out a one-point win over Northern Iowa.

Wisconsin almost blew a huge lead against Northern Illinois.

Minnesota, needing OT to overcome Syracuse, was nearly done in by a mediocre ex-Dookie.

Indiana, alas, still looked every bit like Indiana always does in barely getting past Eastern Kentucky.

But hey, big victories for Michigan State (over Montana State), Michigan (over Western Michigan), Northwestern (over Towson State), Penn State (over Akron) and Purdue (over Toledo).

And the Mountain West can't get an automatic bid to the big bowls because ... ?

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more. My assessment exactly. Still don't understand why I feel optimistic each year about Illini's chances. Actually felt going into yesterday IL had the best chance in years to top Mizzou. Illini "strike" again. Way to go. Once again, the 'ole Illini manage to make a brand new quarterback look like the future Heisman winner. And yes, I read your post about the Heisman sham. At least I can save countless hours this fall, (spend more quality time with my family) by not wasting time watching another mediocre IL team "mail in" the season. - Frustrated IL fan