Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good team for good guy Thome

Jim Thome, one of the good guys in all of sports, is going to get one more shot at a championship ring after the Dodgers acquired him Monday in a deal that just beat the midnight deadline. Good for Thome, because he sure as heck wasn't going to get that ring with the White Sox.

Good for the Sox, too, because now they won't have to face the unenviable burden of telling Thome they don't want him next season.

And bravo to the Sox GM Kenny Williams for finding a taker for Jose Contreras - the Rockies.

It'll be interesting to see how a 57-year-old batting-practice pitcher fares at Coors Field.

For more on the Sox (and Cubs and Favre), read the following post, which I filed just a little earlier than this one.

Jeesh. Two in one day. At this rate - and the rate of pay I get for writing these - I'll be rich by the turn of the century. The 24th century.

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