Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Olympics that would make Capone proud

Friday is the big day, when Chicago finds out that it has been chosen to host the 2016 Olympics. And when Chicagoans like me find out that our taxes will go up from their current low, low rates to somewhere between the stratosphere and the atmosphere.

Hey, for a worthy cause such as rhythmic gymnastics, no price is too steep!

For my take on my fair city's pursuit of the Games, check out my latest exclusive post at SportsFanLive.com by clicking HERE.

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  1. my thoughts on the olympics are many

    a. much like the world's fair can a city benefit from it...the answer is yes if done smartly...atlanta retired the braves old stadium and moved them into the track and field stadium built next door...i got to see the last game played in the stadium (s. korea vs. australia for last place) if you do it wrong...well you are screwed..montreal just paid off the last of its bonds this year after 30 years...a cautionary tale (god i have always wanted to say that) more later...