Monday, September 14, 2009

Lacking Urlacher info

I got to the ballpark at about 3:30 Monday for the Cubs-Brewers game, which I was to cover for AP. About an hour later, I was sitting on the bench in the Cubs' dugout waiting for Lou Piniella to address us media mopes when GM Jim Hendry happened by and asked if the Bears had picked up another linebacker to replace Brian Urlacher.

"What?" I asked, "Urlacher's done for the year?"

That resulted in much tittering, with Hendry asking if I had heard about the Lindbergh baby yet.

Actually, I'm kind of proud of myself for not knowing.

I'm not a Bears fan and I no longer cover the team. I wasn't checking every 15 minutes for updates on Urlacher's wrecked wrist. I don't wish ill upon Urlacher or anybody else, and I feel bad for my Bear fan buddies ... but, frankly, I have better things to do than watch ESPN and listen to sports talk radio.

I spent Monday morning reading a book. I then ate lunch as I watched the Entourage and Real Time with Bill Maher shows I had DVRed, showered, shaved, got dressed, walked 1.4 miles to Wrigley Field, climbed the zillion or so stairs to the press box and did my Cubs-Brewers research do get ready for my assignment before heading down to the clubhouse and dugout.

So I never even thought about Brian Urlacher, Lovie Smith, Jay Cutler, Da Coach, Fridge Perry or Dick Butkus until Hendry asked.

I know: I am quite the blasphemer.

By the way, the Bears did pick up another linebacker - a guy named Tim Shaw, who had failed to stick with the Panthers and Jaguars since coming out of Penn State in 2007.

The fine denizens of Bear Country might want to hold off on buying those Super Bowl tickets ... though after the opener in Green Bay, they have to feel pretty good about Cutler carrying their heroes to greatness.


  1. tmad here. Who's this Cutler guy everybody's talking about? That was Wrecks Gross-man with a new number, wasn't it?

  2. i know you just said you don't go to the games but you have in the past...but my question is this it better to watch pro football on tv?

    when i first moved to new orleans i tried a couple of games at the super dome and it was expensive and terrible. the guys looked like midgets...the seats were expensive...part of this comes from the announcement that average football tickets are now 75 $$$...i couldn't really follow the game...i ended up watching most of the game on a jumbotron anyway...and half the people had brought radios so they could listen to payton and elie's dad call the game on the radio..

    so what do you think...what about other sports?

  3. Yes, football is the perfect TV game. Some of those games in December, you'd have to pay me $500 to sit outside. And even when the weather is nice, it's still not as good as having a seat on your La-Z-Boy, watching your HDTV and drinking your beverage of choice. Of course, I'm not a fan and have no rooting interest, so I don't need to feel part of a "community" of fans.