Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Butter for that toast, Ozzie?

The Bald Truth

One day after Ozzie Guillen said his White Sox would be toast unless they win the three-game series at Minnesota, they were dominated by a pitcher who hadn't won in nearly two months and lost the opener.

I understand motivational tactics, and I consider Ozzie a strong motivator. And I also happen to believe he was telling the truth.

But what does he say to his guys if they go on to lose this series as most of us figured they would?

I mean, as rallying cries go, I've heard better than: "There's still a month to go, but you now officially have my permission to mail it in."

The Balder Truth

You'll hear no similar ultimatums from Lou Piniella to his Cubbies.

Not until somebody wakes up the whole lot of them, anyway.


First, Brett Favre says he might have a cracked rib. Then, he lines up at wide receiver and delivers an illegal block that sidelines Houston's Eugene Wilson with a knee injury. Then, he throws a TD pass as part of a nice three quarters of make-believe football for the Vikings.

Say what you want about his inability to make up his mind, his ego, his lack of loyalty to the Packers and his late arrival to training camp.

The man is a football player. Period. Let's not get so sick of his silliness that we forget it.

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  1. tmad here. Call it Ozzie's White Flag. Who can blame him? Instead of the bullpen help that the Sox have needed for TWO SEASONS now, he gets Kenny's Cash For Clunkers. Chairman Reinsdorf accepts loyalty over competence (Jerry Krause anyone?) so Ozzie may do himself a favor and follow Phil Jackson's lead out the door.