Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rush Limbaugh eats babies?

So my many advertisers don't abandon me, I'd like to apologize in advance.

See, I'm about to call Rush Limbaugh a disgusting, fat, vile slob who rapes little children and then eats their hearts, livers and kidneys. He washes down those internal organs (along with a half-dozen Oxycontin pills, of course) with human blood.

See, I already realize I didn't choose the best words to describe Mr. Limbaugh, the conscience and spokesman of today's GOP. What happened is that I got caught up with the vitriol spewed by those on the right, and I followed their lead. I should have been better than that.

Republican leaders -- men and women we entrust to run our country and take on our enemies abroad -- live in fear of Mr. Limbaugh, who could crush them by uttering one word about them on his radio show (not to mention by sitting on them). It's one of the many problems with our country today, but that doesn't mean I should be using insults and other incendiary language when describing him.

So believe me ... when I said that Mr. Limbaugh puts firecrackers into the anuses of puppies and then lights the fuses, what I really meant to say is that he merely is a drug-abusing hypocrite jerk who wants to play God.

Phew. I feel better already. And I'm sure my sponsors do, too.


And speaking of idiocy bordering on evil ...

NFL commish Roger Goodell can't possibly come down hard enough on the Saints for giving their players financial incentives to injure opposing players during their title-winning 2009 season and other years.

Fines to the GM and the coach should reach into seven digits, the former defensive coordinator should be suspended for a year and every player involved should be suspended without pay for a minimum of four games. The franchise should lose at least two first-round draft picks and should be banned from next year's postseason.

The NFL should keep investigating to see if other teams from the recent past -- especially those that employed defensive coordinator Gregg Williams -- also engaged in the "bounty pool" practice and should punish them accordingly.

With Williams egging them on, Saints players pooled their money to create a bounty system that rewarded players with $1,000 for "cart-offs" and $1,500 for "knockouts." The Saints targeted specific opponents, among them Kurt Warner and Brett Favre.


Football is violent enough. (And we love that about it, don't we?) But to reward players with money for purposely injuring opponents is as immoral an act as anything that has taken place in recent sports history. It is significantly worse than Spygate -- and that was pretty bad.

Goodell has made a name for himself as the toughest sheriff around, doling out significant punishment for relatively minor infractions. If he's willing to fine a player $10,000 for celebrating in the end zone, he certainly should be willing to fine a player 10 or even 100 times that for aiming to deliberately hurt fellow players.

Here is Goodell's chance to show his disciplinary program is for real and not just for show.


  1. "the conscience and spokesman of today's GOP."

    He is? When did this happen and where was the vote?

  2. It's an opinion. I am not the only one who has that opinion, but in this case the opinion is mine.

    TBT is an opinion-based blog. As the masthead says: "Mike Nadel's occasionally serious look ... " That's the reason it exists.

    You are welcome to agree or disagree with anything or everything I write -- and you often do! Thanks for reading.

  3. Mike, this is your blog, and you are entitled to your opinion and you may cast your vote as you please.


    1) Rush Limbaugh's comments about Sandra Fluke were indefensible and reprehensible. However, he DID apologize...once in a statement posted on his website, and again on the air the following Monday. His reward? An exodus of sponsors, and every media outlet piling on him as if he was the second coming of Father Coughlin or Lincoln Rockwell. Whatever happened to "To err is human, to forgive is divine?"

    2) Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, and Ed Schultz have made a cottage industry posting the same or worse insults on ANY woman who disagrees with President Obama (Hillary Clinton, '08 elections, Sarah Palin ever since). Schultz actually apologized the next day for his sin, and the matter was dropped. Maher and Olbermann make rants more toxic than Limbaugh ever dishes out, and yet they are celebrated and continue to draw checks...and women everywhere are silent. Can we say "double standard"?

    3) Ms. Fluke didn't deserve to be called those names, but perhaps we have forgotten this in all the maelstrom: What was she doing attending school at a college run by Jesuits who oppose (by religious principles) the "reproductive care" she is seeking? Rush was doing just fine questioning her testimony before Congress before dropping those insults.

    4) Why DID President Obama suddenly make that edict that the Catholic Church offer"reproductive health care" availible to all its employees, even though the Church opposes them? Why is this now an issue in an election year with everything else going down the tubes?

    5) Why DID George Stephanopolis even pose that stupid question about contraception to Mitt Romney at that January debate...once again, with many more pressing issues at hand?

  4. Rush Limbaugh is not a saint, and he only calls himself the "titular head of the Republican Party" to bait jealous media types who wish he had his influence (or ratings). But if he were truly the head of the GOP, Bill Clinton would not have gotten a second term, and Obama would never had been elected...and look where we are now. His greatest crime is to spend three hours a day, five days a week sharply questioning the overly prevalent liberal POV and policies, which have been the greater cause of the mess America finds itself in. He has no friends among Democrats, and surely not that many friends among the GOP establishment...who have been channeling their Ed Michel (R, IL-18, remember him?)for the last year.

    Mike, I invite you to visit his website. It has transcripts of every show for the last week (including his TWO aplologies). Spend some time there. Read his transcripts, check out the hyperlinks to the artcles posted as his research...then judge for yourself if he is the "drug-abusing hypocrite jerk who wants to play God." (BTW, he did go to jail for said mistake and has kicked his addiction to painkillers. Shame on you, Mike. You know better.)

    Yes, I may have appeared long winded in my two posts, but this election year, the soul of America is truly at stake, and IMHO, it would be simply criminal to merely hand America over to the Democrats for another four more years. And in closing, let me respectfully ask this: are you jumping on the "bash Rush" bandwagon because you actually checked him out and know what he really is about, or are you piling on because it's the popular thing to do?

    God Bless America, let freedom ring.

    Ummm...go Bobcats?

  5. i believe rush limbaaaa just had his walter winchell moment and it serves him right...hahaha if rush is about america's "soul" then it is too late...we are done...but BA's misogyny is frightening...does his wife know...but wait of course she does...

  6. Doug...

    1) Winchell was a gossip columnist whose radio career was not nearly as long as Limabugh's.

    2) As far as misogyny, go look up the word in the dictionary, and ask yourself how it applies to my comments.

    3) What wife?

    4) Rly? Srsly?

  7. Thanks for your contributions, BA. I'm too busy to reply to each of your points, so I'll let them stand as your opinions and move on.