Monday, March 12, 2012

Snubbed by NCAAs? Tough nuggies!

My Marquette Golden Warriors emerged as 3 seeds, tying their highest since seeding began more than 3 decades ago. So that's good.

If they advance, their second opponent probably will be Murray State. That's bad.

Not because Marquette will be overmatched but because it doesn't seem fair that the No. 3 seed has to play a team from Kentucky in Louisville.

Then again, all my lads had to do was win a couple of games in the Big East tournament. If they had, they would have moved up to a 2 seed (or a slightly higher status among 3 seeds) and they would have received a more favorable draw. Instead, they played poorly, got crushed by Louisville, and now face a potentially difficult challenge.

Frankly, I have little sympathy for teams that get "snubbed" by the NCAA tournament selection committee.

Don't want to get left out of the field? Win your conference tournament. Beat a ranked team or two.

Don't want to get "jobbed" on seeding? Don't bow out early in your conference tourney. Play a tougher non-league schedule.

It's pretty simple, really: Win more and you won't have to whine. That goes for me and my boys, too.

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