Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bracket Mulligan

I'm trying to remember if I've ever had a bracket prediction in which only 7 of my Sweet 16 teams actually made it that far.

The only comfort in my abject failure is that I'm not alone. So many folks -- including high-paid "experts" -- had the likes of Missouri, Duke, Florida State and Vanderbilt in their Final Fours. So many people, like you and me, were wrong, wrong, wrong.

So what the heck ... I'm taking a do-over.


Regional Semifinals

Kentucky over Indiana. Flukes don't happen twice in one season.

Baylor over Xavier. X-Men blinded by Baylor's neon-yellow unis.

Regional Championship

Kentucky over Baylor. Tough to be beat a team of pros.


Regional Semifinals

Michigan State over Louisville. Sparty simply plays smarter.

Marquette over Florida. Those who stay up past normal bedtime will be rewarded with wildly entertaining game.

Regional Championship

Marquette over Michigan State. Crowder and Green cancel each other out; Johnson-Odom takes over.


Regional Semifinals

Wisconsin over Syracuse. Bo-Ball grinds Fab-less Cuse to a screeching halt.

Ohio State over Cincinnati. Jerry Lucas can't save Bearcats this time.

Regional Championship

Ohio State over Wisconsin. Buckeyes bounce Bucky again.


Regional Semifinals

North Carolina over Ohio. With point guard ailing, relative cupcake is treat for Heels.

Kansas over North Carolina State. Somewhere, Jimmy Valvano will be crying.

Regional Championship

Kansas over North Carolina. While Illini search for coach (again), Bill Self's in Final Four (again). Life ain't fair.


Marquette over Kentucky. No more preposterous than Marquette's tourney wins over Kentucky in 2003 and 1994.

Kansas over Ohio State. Thomas Robinson over Jared Sullinger.


Marquette over Kansas. Payback for 2003. What? You expected me to pick Kansas?

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