Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trump's a real card

I sure am gonna miss The Donald when he's The Ex-Candidate.

The loudest of the many, um, interesting characters angling for the GOP presidential nod, Donald Trump is Ozzie Guillen ... with a more annoying accent and without something tangible like a World Series title on his resume.

The guy built his wealth by abusing bankruptcy laws. And most of today's Americans know him only as a reality TV buffoon. Yep, sounds like presidential timber to me!

Trump has only a slim chance to win the GOP nomination -- regardless of what polls say -- and, if he did, he'd have zero chance to beat Barack Obama in the 2012 general election. But that's besides the point.

He's fun, he says something outrageous every day and I hope he stays in the race until the end.

But he won't ... so I've already wasted too much time talking about him. Sorry.


  1. Well said and press coverage only encourages him. He's nothing more than an ongoing publicity stunt.