Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big East didn't need UConn for validation

So I guess this means the Big East and the Horizon League are the two best basketball conferences in the country, right?

Seriously, all those who thought the Big East was overrated and therefore didn't deserve 11 teams in the tournament simply weren't paying attention.

UConn went 21-0 outside the conference but had to fight just to finish tied for ninth in its conference. One of the Huskies' last losses came at home against Marquette, which also was tied for ninth in the league and which advanced to the Sweet 16.

I don't think it's any coincidence that a UConn squad toughened by the Big East gauntlet for three months had what it took to reach the title game.

Still, this doesn't "prove" the Big East is the best, any more than some second-round losses "proved" the league was overrated. The conference didn't need this for validation. Anybody who really follows college ball knows what's what.

As for explaining Butler reaching the final for two straight years, well, I've got nothing. Except admiration for the program, that is.


  1. You are absolutely right about the Big East. However, a UConn win should shut up the people who judge(wrongly) the Big East based on the tournament performance. In fact, the Big East may be one of the underrated conferences.

  2. Interesting link, Deron. Thanks!

  3. Put down the ESPN/BIG EAST Koolade guys!
    Bottom line...only 2 of the 11 got to the Sweet 16. UCONN pretty much saved their street cred.
    While I still think the Big East was the top conference, having 16 teams and a 24/7 hype-machine in Bristol Kiddie Kollege sure doesn't hurt