Thursday, March 31, 2011

Toto, we're not in Chicago any more

On Tuesday, I went to work and accidentally left the garage open for about 3 hours. I was humiliated by my mistake and promised my wife (and myself) it would never happen again.

The very next night, we came home from the store at about 7:30. When I woke up this morning, I was mortified to discover I had left the garage open all night long.

It absolutely, positively will never happen again. Really.

By the way, nothing was stolen either time.

Had I committed a similar screw-up when we lived in Chicago, the contents would have been emptied and the garage would have been stripped clean - door, opener, lights, sheetrock, nails and all.

That's not necessarily an indictment of my former town; it's just reality in the big city.

We resisted suburbia forever. But we're fast learning that laid-back - and, OK, a little boring - has its privileges, too!


  1. tmad here. You may want to check the code on your garage door opener remote. Some folks don't bother (or know how to) set the code when the opener's installed. Then, when a similarly uncoded neighbor hits THEIR same brand remote, your door goes up too. Been there, ...

  2. Wish I could blame it on that. Same thing happened to us years ago. Unfortunately, I think it's my memory that needs to be recoded!

  3. weird stuff can neighbors door opened one day and there was no one around...i called his dad and he came over and shut it...when was about to leave i said what was going on and he said sometime airplanes flying over head cause it to open????