Saturday, March 12, 2011

Raftery's schtick had its day ... and I'm pretty sure that day was sometime last century

Oftentimes, Jay Bilas is the sharpest analyst in college basketball. Sometimes, Sean McDonough is among the best play-by-play guys.

Those times are most likely to happen when Bill Raftery is elsewhere.

It isn't bad enough that the way-past-his-use-by-date Raftery brings little to a broadcast. What's worse is his effect on McDonough and Bilas when ESPN or CBS foolishly decides to go to three in the booth.

Separately, two of the three (and we've already discussed which two) actually sound like they know what they're talking about. When Raftery brings his schtick -- dopey catchphrases, dopier inside jokes and dopiest puns -- the trio cackles and giggles and talks nonsense.

How insufferable have they been during the Big East tourney? Well, I've had to use the mute button during the telecast and bring back the volume for the commercials.

Hey, Heckle, Jeckle and the other Jeckle: We don't care which of you is least likely to pick up the dinner check. (As if you're not doing New York on expense account, anyway.)

If ever there was a case for addition by subtraction, this is it.

Bill Raftery had a nice run. It's time to hide his microphone. Or at least stick him back with Verne Lundquist on the 3rd or 4th team.

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  1. college basketball and football should be limited to 10 championship teams (5 games) and one announcer...