Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thank God it's not Friday any more

Rough Friday.

About three hours after the high school softball team I coach lost 17-0, my beloved Marquette Golden Warrior Eagles lost by 18 to North Carolina.

The bright side: Neither game resulted in a late, heartbreaking defeat. No, I had plenty of time to get used to the fact that each team was in the midst of a whuppin'.

I was really impressed with the comportment of the hundreds of Tar Heel backers at the Charlotte establishment where a couple dozen of us MU faithful watched the game. Very little trash talk -- no doubt partly due to none of us Marquetters having any reason to do any woofing -- and a hardy "good game" at the end as my wife and I left the bar.

Anyway, it was a fun season for The Gold, and among the graduating seniors, only Jimmy Butler will be missed on the court. We will be a hungry, veteran squad next season, with a few talented kids thrown in the mix.

As for my softball team, that opponent was the best we'll face this season. Thank goodness.

Taking the rest of the weekend off to chill out. Have a good one, folks.


  1. Lots to look forward too next year for the Golden Eagles. At least they got farther than a lot of other teams in the NCAA tournament.

    Been on that side of the softball too, just learn what you can and move on. In tournament play, the game is usually mercifully stopped if you are up by 12 or more runs after 3 innings, 10 after 4. Was part of a tournament game once where we batted once and the game was called after 45 minutes in 1 an 1/2 inngings. It was our first ever tournament game against what was billed as a "B" team but was really an "A" team. The girl's learned what they had to do to compete at the elite level. A good experience.

  2. Thought about you while I watched that game. We were thrilled Carolina won, only to be disappointed on Sunday when they lost. Oh well, there's always next year.