Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An oasis in desert of bracket overkill

No bracket racket here.


For the first time since I can't remember when, I'm not filling out an NCAA tournament bracket.

I'm not betting, so otherwise what would be the point? So a week or two from now, I can tell everybody how smart I am (or, more likely, amn't)?

The last couple of years, I've started to realize that people yammering on about their tourney picks -- present company included -- was only slightly less annoying than people yammering on about their fantasy football teams.

Tourney bracket conversations are dopey, anyway. I mean, the listener never really listens. He/she just waits till you shut up so he/she can tell you about his/her brilliant/lame picks.

So I'm going to do my own teeny, tiny part to mute the clatter.

Ahhhh ... it already feels so liberating!


  1. At least tell us how far you think your Golden Eagles are going to go!

  2. No farther than the Final Four.

    Seriously, this is a team that can beat anyone -- as evidenced by wins at UConn and over Syracuse, Notre Dame and a few others. If they play like they did against ND and in the first 34 mins at Louisville, they are very dangerous. If they play the way they did at Seton Hall and in the last 6 mins at Louisville, they could lose to Xavier by 20. Assuming they are somewhere in between those two extremes, they will play extremely hard and will stay in any game but they ultimately will be doomed by mediocre-to-bad point guard play. Were I unbiased, I wouldn't pick them to beat Xavier.

    Hope like heck I'm wrong!

  3. ok i will say it... you are wrong...i am proud to say i am bracket free...and will not see a game but go marquette anyway...

  4. I find that most conversations I'm in involve the other person waiting until I take a breath so they can talk about what interests them. (Okay, I do it, too. We all do to some extent.)

    That being said, it's still fun to pick a bracket and jaw with your friends in a total BS way about how smrat you are. Nobody I play with takes it seriously anyway. It's just fun water cooler talk, something to liven up the day in cubicle-land.

  5. Agreed, Drew. This might just be a one-year experiment. Frankly, as I was watching ESPN last night, I already was wishing I had picked a bracket. But I vowed to give it up this year, so I'm gonna see it through.

  6. I came to this page in this blog specifically to check out your bracket. I am disappointed. I just filled one out for the first time EVER!! And in my pick, titled "Mom's Picks", I have Xavier over Marquette (sorry man). So, looks like we are on the same page in that regard. I didn't pick all number one seeds though. I'm thinking there is gonna be some upsets!