Friday, April 8, 2011

Mastered again

I dislike self-important people, overhyped events and attempts to paint athletes as heroes just for doing their jobs.

Why, then, do I like the Masters so much?

Is there a more self-important event in all of sport?

Is there any event (not rhyming with Schnooper Schnowl) that gets more overly hyped?

Is there any limit to the number of times announcers will call Masters participants "courageous," as if Tiger and Phil actually are risking life and limb for some noble cause?



And God no.

And yet the Masters is such compelling theater that I will have spent a high percentage of my weekend bolted into my La-Z-Boy, unable to avert my gaze at the TV set.

I like to think it's more about the drama than about the azaleas, Bobby Jones stories and hyperbole, but maybe it isn't.

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  1. because the the kentucky derby is sacred for gosh sakes...there are just something that when they start the world stops...