Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh no ... I'm feeling a horrible draft coming on

We're on the clock, all of us sports fans.

The worst day in sports -- which now has morphed into the worst three days in sports -- is almost upon us.

The only way to survive is to program your cable box to skip all of the ESPN networks so you won't even accidentally watch one second of the NFL draft.

This year, The Mel Kiper & Co. Show promises to be more insufferable than ever, as there might not even be a 2011 NFL season for these young men.

Though I don't really believe the season will be lost because there's simply too much money for both greedy sides to sacrifice, one never knows. So the draft might be the only football left this year.

That's right: It could be Mel or nothing.

If so, isn't nothing the only real sensible choice?

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