Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's up, Chicago?

Since, first and foremost, I'm still a Chicago sports hack, it's time to return to my roots with an update on what's going on around town ...


Bloody-sock boy Curt Schilling is telling people he wants to pitch for The Team That Championships Forgot, prompting the Sun-Times to ask readers: "What would Schilling look like in a Cubs uniform?" 

The obvious answer: He'd look like an old, broken-down Cub. 

There would be a sentimental reason to get him, I suppose. After all, it would be nice to have a current player who was an active big-leaguer when the Cubs won the '45 pennant.


People are doubting and dissing the White Sox again, which means they're a pretty solid bet. Seems whenever they are supposed to be bad they end up being good (and vice versa).

Still, Sox fans can't feel too good about their heroes' chances if they have to rely on a pitcher - Jose Contreras - who is old enough to be Schilling's dad.


Jerry Angelo has a funny way of backing up his declaration that he needs to "fix" the QB situation.

Matt Cassel could have been had for a first-round draft pick. And several other quarterbacks, including Kurt Warner, could be had for nothing more than a pile of McCaskey moolah.

But no!

Kyle Orton, the QB Angelo says isn't good enough, remains a shoo-in to return under center.

Though Orton isn't an All-Pro, maybe Angelo finally has realized that the Bears' receivers rank just a tad behind those Cassel worked with in New England and Warner threw to in Arizona.

Not that Angelo plans to actually bring in guys who can get open and catch the ball.

Good news, though, Bear Country ... the GM is making progress in talks aimed at bringing back John St. Clair.

Super Bears, Super Bowl!


One need not read between the lines to recognize that John Paxson is getting tired of Vinny Del Excuse. All one has to do is read the lines.

After Del Excuse told a large media contingent that the new players Paxson acquired would need time and practice to fit in, the GM told the Tribune

"I don't see that as a big issue. It would be great to have some practice time ... but that's not the reason we didn't play well in New Jersey and Washington. We didn't come out ready to play."

Paxson didn't need to say whose job it is to get the team ready to play.

In their most recent game, the Bulls made an amazing fourth-quarter comeback to beat the Rockets. The most amazing thing: Del Excuse actually let his best player off the bench during crunch time, and Derrick Rose responded by leading the rally.

Interesting how that works.


Young. Exciting. Fun. Successful. 

Oh, and on TV, too.

Who'da thunk it?


  1. heh mike i posted your story up on my blog today at

    i hope it gets you some trafic and your fans come to this site. keep up the good work..

  2. here is a question for you....Is Jerry Angelo setting Lovie up for his last season in Chicago? Looks like he is paving the way. Cutler could be an option and worth the 18th overall pick. There are other players available in the free agency that can help Chicago out right now (L. Coles, M. Harrison, J. Taylor etc.) but are not long term answers. This could be another frustrating/depressing year for Bear fans. Heck I might see Rex in the indoor football league here in Peoria.....better go get one of his jerseys while they are on sale.

  3. No hope for the Bears. Sold the PSL in this economy, now that was surprise. Now I can sit at home, stay warm and change the channel when things go south.

    The Bears are an arrogant organization and can't admit mistakes. I for one am tired of being treated like an idoit.