Friday, March 20, 2009

Way to go, Marquette Bald Eagles!

Friday's not-yet-final four:

1. Had I known the Marquette players were going to shave their heads, I'd have picked my Golden Warrior Bald Eagles to win the national title!

2. After a flying start, my bracket took a severe hit Friday afternoon. I put too much faith in West Virginia - predicting that Bob Huggins' Mountaineers would reach the Elite Eight - and it cost me when they lost to Dayton. So while I'm 21-3 through three sessions, it feels like I'm doing a lot worse.

3. Note to extremely red-faced bully-turned-yakker Bobby Knight: SPF 100, dude!

4. Those of us who have Pitt as our eventual national champions can't feel too good after the Panthers were taken to the limit by mighty East Tennessee State. Another performance like that against Oklahoma State, and Pitt can pack it up. Then again, the ETSU debacle might have been just the "Hey wake up, Dummies!" Pittsburgh needed.

(Check back in on TBT after the night games for Friday's final four.)

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