Sunday, March 8, 2009

Soft Harden, a Dutch treat and T.O.'s new folly

The Bald Truth

This can't be a good thing for the Cubs:

Just about every time a team official discusses the long-term health prospects of ultra-fragile fastballer Rich Harden, the phrase "knock on wood" gets used.

I'm not making that up. Really.

The Balder Truth

Wow, what a day at the World Baseball Classic. I'm so proud to be Dutch!

What's that you say? My name doesn't seem very Netherlandy?

OK, you got me there. It's not as if Mike Nadel has the same kind of classic Dutch sound to it as Sidney Ponson does.

Anyway, we Netherlanders would have been in trouble had Alex Rodriguez and Aramis Ramirez been in the Dominican Republic lineup. 

A-Roid and A-Ram absolutely would come through in the clutch - just as they always have in postseason play for the Yankees and Cubs.


Young QB ... inexperienced offensive coordinator ... Dick Jauron, a coach who speaks softly and carries no stick at all.

Oh yes, absolutely, Buffalo sounds like the perfect place for a receiver who habitually blames everybody but himself when things go wrong.

And things will go wrong for T.O. and the Bills next season.

Should be fun ... for all of us who aren't in Buffalo.


  1. Mike,

    Please save the Wall Street Journal from themsleves. They are starting to run a sports section in the paper and OMG, does it need help.

    TO in Buffalo? There is nothing to do in that town.. I give it all of three weeks before he is suspended.

    What were they thinking! Well they were thinking more than the Bears.

  2. he has big footsteps to follow in buffalo...maybe he will live up to them