Saturday, March 14, 2009

Safer travels

The Bald Truth

Good news, hoops fans: NBA honchos are talking about making traveling rules less restrictive because the game has "evolved."

Oh, absolutely. Just the other day, I was thinking that pro basketball players need an invitation to take more steps every time they drive to the basket. 

The referees' current interpretation of the rule - allowing approximately four steps, a couple of "crab dribbles" and a jump stop or three - is positively obsolete.

I mean, why not just let them use hovercraft?

Knockout? More Like Bludgeoning

If you've yet to see Jon Stewart's total annihilation of CNBC Financial Clown Jim Cramer, do yourself a favor and check it out.

I actually almost felt sorry for Cramer.



Wait ... I think I found somebody even more valuable than injured Marquette point guard Dominic James.

Chester Frazier!

Once the object of abject scorn in Illini Land, the senior guard has become the beloved leader of a surprise team. And now Illinois is absolutely lost without him as he deals with his mysterious hand injury.

It's as if all of Illini Land would like to shout in unison:

"We're sorry, Chester! We take back everything we ever called you! Just please, please, pretty please come back before the NCAAs!"

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