Monday, March 30, 2009

A blow, but not a fatal one

Gotta be honest with you: I wanted to blog over this past weekend about as much as I wanted my boxers set on fire (with me in them).

Why? Another slight setback on the road to my big journalistic comeback. I won't name the company, but I thought I had a pretty cool freelance gig set up only to discover that I didn't. 

For the first time since I became a free agent, I felt really down. As a result, the last thing I wanted to do Friday or Saturday was write TBT or anything else, so forgive me for my brief absence.

But, human Superball that I am, I bounced back and posted Sunday. And now, taking a page out of the Benjamin Button book, I'm going back to my youth as I age. 

I'm returning on a freelance basis to the AP, my employer for my first 16 years of adulthood, and mostly will be writing game stories about the Cubs and White Sox once or twice a week. 

I'm also toying with finally writing my first book, though I've said that before. We'll see if I follow through now that I've called myself out publicly!

The urgency of working on "a deadline every minute," as the old AP mantra goes, should be an interesting change for me. And it will keep me writing professionally until I decide what I want to do in the event I ever grow up.

As for The Baldest Truth, I'll keep on keeping on for the foreseeable future. In fact, starting Wednesday, I'll be previewing the baseball season in my own warped way.

Thanks for sticking with me, everybody.


  1. Gald to see things are coming around. Looking forward to the AP stories. With your oh so individual style, I'll bw looking for you from the "AP Wires" by-line in the Herald and other local papers.

    Good luck.

  2. As a longtime fan I appreciate having a chance to still read your writing through this blog, please keep at it. And as a 25 year-old journalism major who recently doubled up my major with an English Education degree (economy, dying newspapers, etc.)you give me hope that good writers can still have opportunities to continue something they enjoy. Good Luck.

  3. i feeling down down down down down...hmm sound like a song...hip hip hurray for AP..i steal their stuff all the time...hope to see something soon...

  4. That's great, Mike. Glad you are going to continue writing. I've truly enjoyed your work over the years. You have too much talent to sit on the bench!

  5. I really do enjoy reading your blog--its a refreshing change from the same old humdrum on ESPN and FoxSports.