Thursday, February 26, 2009

If only Tiger had lasted as long as the guy in the tub

The Bald Truth

Well, we sure enjoyed that match-play tournament for the entire two days it mattered. Thanks, Tiger!

I think the thing I'll miss most are those wonderful Cialis commercials airing every 8 minutes. I mean, nothing says intimacy like a man and a woman sitting in separate bathtubs.

The Quote

"He's having a peep at his bag. That's cheeky! Did you see that? I can't imagine he needs to look in Tim Clark's bag to see what Tim's hitting." - Nick Faldo, accusing Tiger of spying.

The Balder Truth

Though I joked about the match-play tourney no longer mattering after Tiger's ouster, I suspect I will spend much of the weekend watching the event.

I love golf and I especially love the match-play format. There is so much strategy involved and it becomes almost as big a mental test as a test of golf skills.

Tim Clark refused to be intimidated by Tiger Woods, and that factored greatly in his victory.

Of course, it didn't hurt that he made a putt that started in Phoenix. 

Bald Dude of the Day

From here on in, pretty tough for a guy like me not to root for Stewart Cink

The Quote II

"Get in the hole!" - some moron, a nanosecond after Tiger hit his drive on No. 15 about a mile out of bounds.


The Bulls have exactly one great player. And if Vinny Del Negro really thinks they are better with Derrick Rose on the bench in the final minutes of close games, John Paxson should act like a GM, show a little mercy to fans and fire this sorry excuse for a coach right now.