Monday, February 2, 2009

It was super!

The List

Seven observations from the Steelers' extremely entertaining Super Bowl victory over the Cardinals:

1. Still trying to figure out how Santonio Holmes made that winning catch for the Steelers one play after not making what should have been the winning catch for the Steelers. I guess he just needed a higher degree of difficulty.

2. Can't say enough good things about the ref for having the cajones to call the Steelers for holding in the end zone, resulting in a safety late in the game.

3. Can't say enough bad things about the officials for declining to order a booth review of Kurt Warner's fumble that clinched Pittsburgh's win. Maybe it wouldn't have been reversed, but it was close enough to an incomplete pass to at least merit a review. Why even bother having a replay system if you don't use it on a close play in the final seconds of a Super Bowl?

4. Throughout another great season, Warner showed why his story is one of the most incredible ever authored by an NFL player. Still, he made enough mistakes Sunday - enough huge, huge, HUGE mistakes - to remind us what the knock against him has been: Put enough pressure on Warner and he messes up. Compare that to Ben Roethlisberger, who kept at least a half-dozen big plays alive because of his ability to deal with pressure.

5. Here's hoping columnists, bloggers and TV yakkers can resist calling the Steelers a dynasty. They're not. I mean, shouldn't you have to win at least two straight titles to be a dynasty? Shouldn't you have to win more than two titles in three decades to be a dynasty? The Steelers of the '70s ... now that was a dynasty. For now, this Pittsburgh team will have to settle for being merely great.

6. As great as Larry Fitzgerald and Warner were in the second half, had the Cardinals won, my MVP choice would have been defensive lineman Darnell Dockett. He pretty much set up shot in the Steelers' backfield.

7. I watched the game with a bunch of Cardinals fans at a house party in Scottsdale. They were having so much fun - until Holmes' TD, anyway - that it made me a little sad that I'm not a fan of any pro team. Then, of course, came their heartbreak at the end. And, again, I was glad I root for great plays, great games and great entertainment instead of individual teams.


  1. being a fan for the most part is fun. well if you are cubs fan, not so much. but you have to have perspective. they are just children's games that we have decided to pay grown men to play. the rams sucked this year but i am (almost) sure that they will be better next year. i don't buy into kurt's story other than he got a raw deal in st. louis. good points about the rest however.

  2. I heard there was some porn viewing for some down there in AZ right after Fitzgerald's TD.
    Hmmmm. I guess its better than Janet.
    No comment Mike?