Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Greg Norman: Share the wealth (as long is it's not mine)

The Bald Truth

Ever willing and able to take the lead, Greg Norman says PGA Tour pros should show some "sensitivity" regarding the world's economic plight by voluntarily taking a collective pay cut.

Funny ... Norman didn't conclude by saying he'd happily take lesser profits on his clothing line, golf-course construction company and other businesses.

But what did you expect? The man never was much of a finisher. 

The Balder Truth

You see Pat Knight getting all p.o.-ed at the refs and wonder: "Now where the heck did that come from? The kid was raised better than that!"


Back in 1988, when I was a 20-something reporter for AP in Minneapolis, the Vikings signed Mossy Cade, a talented ex-Packers cornerback who had just been paroled after serving a 15-month term for rape.

Cade had served his debt to society and the Vikings needed a good defensive back, so I applauded GM Mike Lynn's decision to give Cade a second shot at an NFL career.

Immediately, public outcry was so loud and severe that Lynn, who rarely gave a rat's rear what others thought, buckled under the pressure and cut the player. Cade never played football again.

I bring this up because soon, dog-abuser Michael Vick will be out of prison and looking for a job. Some NFL owner will sign the former Pro Bowl QB ... and immediately PETA and other groups will go crazy.

Here's hoping the owner who signs him won't buckle.

Yes, what Vick did was horrible. But you know what? That's why we have prisons. He served his time. He apologized for his sins. He has been rehabilitated, which is the entire idea of the system. 

It's time to move on.


  1. I agree completely. He screwed up. He paid the price. This guy has lost more than most of us will ever have. I just hope that this time he makes sure that the "freinds" he keeps around are real friends.

    Wouldn't he make things interesting if he were wearing the ol' GHS on his sleeve?

  2. ghs.. what the heck is that...

    you really think he would play for a credit union or gainsville high...

  3. Mike, Glad to see the column back in its internet form. I have to disagree with you on Mossy Cade though. Rapists rarely serve their entire sentence; their victims "sentence" is to have to endure the pain for much longer...