Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet Lou, the Sweet Shrink

The Bald Truth

Anybody who thinks Lou Piniella is slowing down upstairs must have missed the way he totally played Carlos Marmol the last week or so.

Sweet Lou gently "joked" that it would be all well and good if Marmol chose to play in the World Baseball Classic ... but new Cubbie Kevin Gregg would be back in Arizona throwing 98 mph BBs.

Marmol, who desperately wants the glory and cash that go to top big-league closers, made the wise decision to skip the idiotic WBC. He opted to work for the team paying his salary and to compete head-to-head against Gregg.

Now, if only Piniella could have convinced Alfonso Soriano to play in the WBC, which would have let somebody else win the leadoff job ...


I've probably walked 50 rounds with Tiger Woods while covering him over the years, so I can just imagine how daunting it must be to golf with (and against) him.

Writers and photographers are tripping over each other. TV cameras follow his every move. Hundreds (or thousands) of fans start walking away after Tiger finishes a hole ... even as the other golfer is trying to concentrate on making a putt. All of the positive crowd energy is focused squarely on Tiger. If interviewed by the media after a round, the opponent is expected to talk only about Tiger.

In other words, Tiger always has a major home-course advantage.

Now, multiply the circus atmosphere times 10 Wednesday because it was Tiger's first round in eight months.

Put it all together and Aussie Brendan Jones deserves several large cans of Foster's for the way he competed in his match-play loss to The Greatest of All Time.

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  1. monty python live at the hollywood bowl...why is american beer like making love in a canoe..because it's f@#@ing near water...sorry i couldn't resist.