Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hall Call: Worm 5, Reggie 0

Interesting that Dennis Rodman was chosen as a hoops Hall of Fame finalist but Reggie Miller wasn't. I'm not sure which guy Michael Jordan disliked more!

Worm undoubtedly is one of the all-time great characters in the history of sports. He gave me two of the best interviews I had as a journalist, so there's a soft spot in my heart for the dude.

Rodman's personality was so large it's easy to forget that he probably was the best pound-for-pound rebounder in basketball history. Phil Jackson used to say Rodman was one of the smartest offensive and defensive players he's ever coached, too. Throw in his major role for five championship teams -- five more than Miller won -- and it's pretty much impossible to exclude him, no?

Then again, none of it really matters if Tex Winter doesn't finally get in. Given all he has accomplished, they might as well not even have a Hall of Fame if it doesn't include the architect of the triple-post offense.

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  1. Interesting blog about Dennis Rodman. My whole opinion of him changed some years ago when my daughter, who took phone calls from irate cell phone customers all day long, told me she got a call from Rodman checking on his various cell phone accounts. (I guess he had several that he gave out for all his lady friends :) and wanted to make sure none of them owed anything). Anyway, my daughter said his was one of most polite and respectful calls that she had ever received.

    I would have expected a report of a rather pushy "you better give me what I want" call.

    He may have been an "odd duck", but since then, I've always tried to look past the image he portrays and remember him as a person who maybe had his fame figured out.

    And yeah, his time with the Bulls was a very unexpected joy.