Saturday, February 12, 2011

Williams beats Sloan ... so now what?

If there was one coach (not named Phil Jackson) who you'd have thought would have been immune from the NBA's star-first mentality, it would have been Jerry Sloan.

All the guy did for most of two decades in Utah was win, hold his players accountable, stress fundamentals and professionalism, and represent his organization and community with dignity.

But when it came time for the Jazz owner to make a choice between the 68-year-old Sloan and soon-to-be-free-agent Deron Williams after the two clashed for the umpteenth time, the owner chose the temperamental All-Star point guard over the Hall of Fame coach.

So an era has ended in Utah.

And I sincerely doubt the next era will be anywhere near as successful, especially if Williams leaves after his contract is up anyway.

Meanwhile, in other NBA news ...

Can you believe the way the Cavaliers partied after beating the Clippers on Friday?

I mean, jeesh, you'd think the Cavs hadn't won in two months!

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