Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love that Deadwood!

SWEARENGEN: "Sometimes I wish we could just hit 'em over the head, rob 'em and throw their bodies in the creek."

TOLLIVER: "But that would be wrong."

For the first time since it originally aired back in 2004-05-06, I've been rewatching Deadwood from the beginning. What a show, among the finest of the many fine HBO productions over the years.

Acting -- amazing, led by the incomparable Ian McShane. Writing ... direction ... setting -- all of it spot-on.

Back in '04, many viewers were put off by the swearing. Given what takes place on regular network TV now, it seems almost a quaint complaint today.

Hard to believe HBO and the cast never came through with a fourth season -- or at least the two movies the network practically promised to do.

As Swearengen would say: "C@cks&ck#rs!"

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