Monday, February 14, 2011

Stay classy, Albert Pujols

The Bald Truth

Though I'm not a big fan of trumped-up signing "deadlines" at all, it was a classy move by Albert Pujols to extend the deadline he gave the Cardinals by a day so his soap opera wouldn't detract from Stan Musial receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday.

The Balder Truth

Here's hoping Pujols realizes that Stan the Man, a World War II veteran, is a true hero -- unlike guys who merely swing bats or shoot baskets or throw footballs for a living.


I want Pujols to sign with the Cardinals because I think it's better for baseball if he does.

What I don't want is to hear Pujols say something like this if he decides to leave St. Louis' zillion-dollar offer so he can get a gajillion from another team:

"I wanted to play my entire career with the Cardinals, but they obviously didn't feel the same way. It's not about the money, it's about respect."

Look, Pujols already has made more money than any man not named Mike Tyson can spend. And the Cardinals no doubt are prepared to respect him hundreds of millions more.

So he'd better not make it sound as if they turned him out into the cold.

Real people are really suffering these days. They don't want to hear a dopey jock whining that he "had" to take $300 million from the Yankees because the Cardinals "disrespected" him with their pathetic $200 million offer.


  1. 100% in agreement, Mike.

    (Wish I had bookmarked your blog long ago - you are forever a joy to read - thanks to Larry Harnly for pointing me to it.)

  2. there were cardinals before pujols and there will be cardinals is just a game...but thanks for the comments..i agree with j...