Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is Favre's life, isn't it?

The Bald Truth

Nobody likes a waffler, a flip-flopper, a dude who can't make up his stinkin' mind. But enough about Barack Obama and his health plan.

Seriously, why all the hate for Brett Favre?

Obviously, most folks in Minnesota are loving their newest Viking hero. And most people in Green Bay don't appreciate Favre now throwing for the enemy. And, of course, most Chicagoans would spit on Favre no matter his team (unless it was da Bears, my friend).

Otherwise, what's the big deal? Why are so many people so upset that Favre can't bring himself to walk away from the game he loves?

Michael Jordan felt some of the same hate way back when. So did Sugar Ray Leonard. It made no sense.

Once upon a time, we hated quitters. Now, apparently, we hate guys who won't quit.

If Favre ends up stinking up the Humptydome, that's his problem (and the Vikings' massive problem). He's the one taking the risk (though perhaps not as big a risk as Minny's taking).

Some would argue that he's just being selfish. Well ... duh! If you can name one pro athlete who isn't at least a little selfish - and three who aren't a lot selfish - I'll be very impressed.

Bottom line: If you retired from your job but almost immediately had misgivings, and then a different employer in the same field offered you big money, killer benefits and ideal working conditions ... I'm guessing you'd make a comeback, too.

And I, for one, wouldn't hate you because you waffled.

The Balder Truth

Viking fans haven't been this giddy since 1989, when an already good team brought in Herschel Walker as the final piece of its championship puzzle.

That turned out pretty well, no?


And speaking of old jocks who keep on keeping on ...

Nice move by the Cardinals to pick up John Smoltz - and for a heck of a lot less money than the Vikings are paying Favre.

If Smoltz works out as the No. 5 starter, he could be the difference in the pennant race.

If he fails, he likely will not have been hit any harder than the other bottom-of-the-rotation noodle-arms the Cards have been trotting out there. In other words, the team probably will have been no worse off.

Besides, this is starting to feel like one of those stretches in which just about everything the Redbirds touch turns to gold.

So figure Smoltz for a few wins - no doubt backed by Matt Holliday homers, Mark DeRosa RBIs and Julio Lugo fielding plays.

Why, Tony La Russa will be so happy, he actually might think about smiling for a second.


  1. Dead on again Mike. Frave is a Hall of Famer that should be able to play it out. I for one will enjoy watching him, except of course when he' trouncing the Bears like he usually does. The Bears finish second to the Vikings in the NFC North.

  2. The difference between Favre and the job analogy is that Favre knew when he was retiring (and crying those crocodile tears) that several teams would be willing to give him a great offer; it's not like it came as a shock that a couple teams came a calling.

    If there's one thing he and Roger Clemens like more than excelling at their respective sports, it's drawing attention to themselves.

  3. You don't get it, Mike? Really?

    I am a life-long Bears fan. As much as I hated to see Favre trounce the Bears, I did respect the way he played and the teammate and leader he appeared to be. I was in awe in the stands when the Pack played the Bears in the Monday Night Football game in Champaign.

    However, the last few years of his career seemed to be all about him -- not the team. Every single day, the news on the net was: 1)What stupid thing did Britney do? 2)What nasty thing did Amy Winehouse do? and 3)Brett is coming back; Brett isn't coming back.

    Sure -- most major sports stars have huge egos. But rarely does a star who had such respect seem to lose it so fast.

    As for Favre trouncing the Bears -- yeah he did while he was younger. But check out his stats and the team's record against the Bears in the Lovie Smith era. Quite a different story.

  4. We don't hate Favre for waffling with this decision this year. We hate Favre for waffling with this same decision every year. But really what we hate is that ESPN makes such a huge to-do over the fact that Favre is coming out of retirement every year. He's not coming out of retirement. He hasn't retired. If he skipped three years and then decided to play for the Vikes that would be news.