Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad for Tiger, good for golf

The Bald Truth

Obviously, it's not good for Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren and Eldrick's legion of worshippers that Tiger gagged down the stretch at the PGA Championship. Perhaps a little less obvious: It definitely is better for the sport of golf that his failure helped Y.E. Yang become the first Asian-born man to win a major tournament.

Tiger will win plenty more majors before he is through. He will eclipse Jack Nicklaus' record with room to spare. His legacy is assured. Golf needs Woods to excel and to be in the hunt so TV viewers tune in to the sport's main events. But golf doesn't need Tiger to win.

On the other hand, a South Korean man - or any other man from any other place (including the United States) - beating the world's No. 1 golfer head-to-head in a marquee event helps the sport grow.

No doubt, tens of thousands of Korean kids are going to start playing golf this year simply because Y.E. took down Eldrick.

The Quote

"I did everything I needed to do - except for getting the ball in the hole." - Tiger Woods

Welcome to the club, dude.

The Balder Truth

I love the majors. I love when Tiger contends in majors. But I really don't care if he wins or loses because, either way, the theater is great.

Either Tiger wins spectacularly and builds upon his legend ... or he loses, which means an underdog has overcome enormous odds.

Sunday's round was great sports theater. For that, I thank The Legend and, especially, The Underdog.

OK, So I'm Not Carnac

My Steve Stricker prediction fell just a little short - he didn't even make the cut. But I don't feel too bad.

A lot more people predicted Tiger Woods would win the British Open ... and he was sent to his room for the weekend.


I've often wondered why South Koreans win so many women's majors but the country's men barely create a ripple in the PGA sea.

Maybe Yang's victory was the start of something big for South Korean male golfers. Or maybe it was just a fluke that will never be repeated.

Regardless, I'm guessing that a lot of good South Korean men who have been laboring in anonymity feel at least a little better about their chances today than they did yesterday.

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  1. everyone kinda ignored the fact that tiger is 1/2 thai