Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No worries for White Sox

The White Sox are about to join their North Side neighbors as Chicago baseball afterthoughts. But, hey, let's turn those South Side frowns upside down with 5 positive thoughts about a mediocre ballclub:

5. Even if Jake Peavy never throws a pitch for the White Sox this season - his latest malady: a sore elbow after getting struck by a batted ball during Monday's rehab outing - the trade for him will have been worth it because at least the Sox were able to keep him away from the Cubs' DL.

4. The White Sox have launched a special "rookies" page on their Web site to promote Gordon Beckham, Chris Getz and Jayson Nix. Sports Marketing 101: When the team sucks, hype individuals.

3. Jermaine Dye going into the tank has put a major hurtin' on the team's chances for the division title. Cool. J.D. should be easy to sign at a discount rate this offseason.

2. Sure, Jose Contreras failed after one whole good start in a row. But because his own error opened the door for Boston's six-run third inning in Monday's 12-8 loss to the Red Sox, only one of the seven runs he allowed was earned. So yes, Jose embarrassed himself as usual, but his ERA went all the way down to 5.09!

1. Who even cares if Mark Buehrle wins again this season? He'll always have his perfect game, and nothing else really matters. (See No. 4.)

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  1. tmad here. Let me join with Cub fans in saying "How about them Bears?".