Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thome to Ozzie: This bomb's for you!

The List

Three reasons why Minnesotans are happy they aren't Illinoisians these days:

3. While You Know Who is coming back to QB the Vikings, Jay Cutler is only a wannabe until he proves otherwise.

2. The Twins have Jim Thome. And, thanks to Ozzie Guillen's preference for bunters over bombers, the White Sox don't.

1. Minnesota's governor often is mentioned as the possible 2012 Republican nominee for the U.S. presidency. Illinois' last three governors: one jailed felon, one freshly convicted felon and one guy who is in so far over his head that his business card should have a picture of a shovel on it.

The Bald Truth

Well, at least Ozzie isn't stuck with that one-dimensional, lumbering lug Thome clogging up the basepaths and keeping Mark Kotsay from playing DH.

The Balder Truth

Jon Garland is still making Cubbie fans cringe. But hey, he's no Matt Karchner.


As most of you know, I'm moving to North Carolina. I've been warned by a few locals there that some of their politicians are corrupt.

After nearly 16 years in Illinois, I could offer only this response:

"Some? Only some? Jeesh, what a bunch of lightweights!"


  1. tmad here. Mike, you can always take in a Charlotte Knights AAA ballgame. Check out what fresh young talent (mostly pitchers) that White Sox GM Kenny Williams can flush away for some broken-down, retread has-beens.

  2. i had a similar experience in new orleans...they would say you have no idea what corruption is until you have seen louisiana politics...and i would say oh yah well i am from a place where richard daley is still mayor even after he died...