Monday, August 16, 2010

Know where the bunkers are, and don't ground that club!

The Bald Truth

You have to be a heartless scoundrel who eats little children and drowns puppies to not feel at least a little sorry for what Dustin Johnson went through at the PGA Championship. Then again ...

The rule exists. So does the bunker - as according to the rulebook, anyway.

It sucks to lose a chance at a championship because of a seemingly foolish rule. It's kind of like being penalized because of the silly, outdated regulations pertaining to signing one's scorecard ... but if the rule is there, one has to abide by it.

That, or find a sport without such goofy rules.

The Balder Truth

As for Whistling Straits ... sure, I'd take a free round there if somebody offered. (Nobody has.) But it doesn't look like a very fun course for any high- to mid-handicapper.

A links course masquerading as a target course. Or vice versa. I'd be much happier playing one or the other. (Not that anybody asked.)


Did the White Sox really battle all the way back from a seemingly insurmountable deficit this season only to piss it all away with one bad August stretch?

They'll get a good chance to answer that question, one way or another, this week at Target Field.

The good news for them (and bad news for the Twins) is that at least Freddy Garcia won't pitch in the series.

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  1. millions of dollars change hands everyday on golf...both on the course and the rules must be strict enough to control the cheaters...probably should not apply to tournament play...where everyone is watching...still they did declare the course one giant sandtrap at the beginning....though its the only time i have ever seen so many people in the sandtrap with the player...