Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Carolina in my mind

In a few weeks, I'll be an ex-Chicagoan.

My wife has accepted a job in Charlotte. And since she's my Sugar Mama, I'll be joining her in the land of BBQ, NASCAR and Tyrus Thomas.

We've had 16 fun years in Chicago, where we raised a great family and made too many friends to count. And now, we're very excited to start a new life adventure.

After covering Tuesday's Cubs-Brewers game for AP - read what I wrote HERE - I have six more Cubs games and two more White Sox games left before I go.

Then ... well ... I have absolutely no idea what I'll be doing. It probably won't involve newspaper journalism because of the paucity of jobs in that field. Then again, maybe it will. Who knows? That's one of the cool things about the entire endeavor: Anything can happen, and the slate is beautifully blank.

I do know that I hope to do some work with non-profit organizations I admire - be it professionally, as a volunteer or some combination of both. That's right: As if I haven't messed up my own kids enough, maybe I can shape the lives of some others out there.

As for The Baldest Truth, I think I'll still do some blogging after I land in North Carolina ... but I sure won't be writing much about Cra-Z or Ozzie or The Zooker. There's a whole world out there that has nothing to do with sports, and I plan to both inhabit it and revel in it.

Of course, I'll still be around for most of August, so expect to read about some of my favorite Chicago moments, sports and otherwise, in the coming weeks.


  1. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family. Many adventures await! NC is a beautiful state; enjoy it. The weather will be a lot better there most of the time than it is here in Chicago.

    I have enjoyed our exchanges over the years and look forward to reading about your new southern lifesytle.

    Who knows maybe MJ will want you to be the PR guy for the team!

  2. god speed mike and until then...drub the cubs..

    on another note are your wife's company moving you and if not how big a truck are your renting..i drove a 19 footer to new orleans once...what an exciting time that was...

  3. Best Wishes Mike--I had hoped you and Rob would make a trip to Northern Wisconsin. It's been a long time since Ben and Katie stayed at our house!

  4. Wow ... talk about a voice from the past! Nice to hear from you Linda. Hope all is going well. Please say hi to everyone for us.

  5. So you get to go from heat and humidity to...???

    Congrats on the move, and good luck to you two! And don't feel bashful about blogging on whatever pops into that bald noggin.

  6. Best of luck in NC! Kenny in Trawna.