Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cubs sold; McGwire sold out

The Bald Truth

Word is, the super-duper-rich Ricketts family is set to buy the Cubs for $900 million.

And for only $900 million more, they could buy another 818 pitchers every bit as good as Michael Wuertz!

(See, Wuertz just signed for $1.1 million, so you have to do the math and ... OK, they can't all be worthy of Comedy Central.)

The Balder Truth

I thought frequent TBT commenter Doug Nicodemus had a valid point when he said I should have included Rod Carew as one of the five best second basemen of my lifetime in yesterday's blog.

Then I looked it up: Carew actually spent more time playing first base than second.

So let's compromise and say he's in the top 5 1/2.

See how calm and rational life is under a new president?


First, it was Jose Canseco saying he used to inject former "Bash Brother" Mark McGwire in the keister with steroids.

Now, it's Jay McGwire saying in what he hopes will be a tell-all book that he used to inject big bro Mark in the keister with steroids.

There's nothing quite like brotherly love, huh?

Hey, even if BBWAA voters never send Big Mac to Cooperstown, he's got to be a lock for the Pincushion Hall of Fame.


  1. thanks for the recognition...

    big mac is not so big anymore

    hard to believe that he once shared the same uniform as pack robert makes me ill

  2. I thought maybe you bought the Cubs with your retirement.

  3. Is that some cubs gear your son is wearing??

    Huh? It is all stating to make sense now.