Thursday, January 23, 2014

Colbert on college football "slaves" ... also, kudos to consumers for bringing delicious salsa back to Costco

Funny bit by Stephen Colbert the other night:

I'm a huge fan of college football. It's got all the grace and athleticism of pro football, but the players don't make any money. They're in it for the love of not getting paid.

I have no interest in jaded "professionals" who do things "for money." Same reason I just don't enjoy watching people pick cotton anymore.

The studio audience groaned a little at the picking cotton reference. OK, college athletes aren't really slaves. Still, there's a lot of "truthiness" to the comparison.

I'd love to see college athletes in the revenue sports go on strike for a month. There would be some swift changes, including a stipend that would let these laborers at least buy a pizza, a beer (if they're 21, of course) and a tank of gas without having to worry about breaking NCAA rules.


Crazy weather here in Charlotte. On Monday, I walked the dog in shorts and a t-shirt. (Note to readers: I was the one in the clothing, not Simmie.) When I took her out today, I wore a winter coat, scarf, gloves and hat. (Note to readers: I also had other clothing on in addition to those items.)

You know what they say about Charlotte weather: If you don't like it, wait a minute and it will change.

And they only say that about weather in Charlotte, so I don't want to hear from folks in New England or Florida or Chicago or anywhere else claiming they say the same thing about other places.

Because they don't. And if you want them to, you'll have to go get your own "they."


Who says the "little guy" can't make a big difference?

Costco used to carry a product called Santa Barbara Mango with Peach Salsa. Once or twice a week, I'd make a lunch out of the salsa and Stacy's pita chips, washing it all down with a refreshing iced tea (unsweetened, with lemon). Filling, tasty and even borderline good for me! Robbie and I also loved the salsa, along with guacamole, on our spicy black-bean burgers. Mmmmmmm.

Several months ago, the salsa started being produced by Sabra, the dip and hummus company. They touted it on the label, as if that would make it a big draw to the masses. We were out so I bought some ... and we hated it. Hated it! It was runny. The mango and peach flavors were muted, seemingly replaced by unfavorable spices. We ate as much as we could stand before throwing out a half-full container. (Should have taken it back to Costco, which has the best return policy in the business. Don't know why I didn't.)

I complained. Lots of others must have, too.

I was at Costco yesterday and noticed that the label no longer touted the Sabra connection. Instead, in capital letters, it screamed: ORIGINAL RECIPE. The same words were on the lid. The only reference to Sabra was in tiny letters under the nutrition label. I was thrilled -- and extra thrilled because Costco was discounting the item to reintroduce it to shoppers: 48 ounces for $3.99 ... are you kidding me? I put two in the cart before realizing we might not be able to eat that much mango salsa before the expiration date, so I put one back.

Well, I just had a few chips and salsa a few minutes ago and -- WOW! -- it is the ORIGINAL RECIPE and it is delicious.

I know what I'm having for lunch. And I'll be eating it with pride because of my little role in making it so!

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