Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Southerners are weather wimps!

The wimpiness of Southerners when it comes to weather would be funny ... if it didn't mess with my plans. (Because, of course, it is all about me!)

My Scholars Academy Eagles are on a three-game losing streak, as we just played the three best teams in our league. We hung in there against the first two, but we were overwhelmed by our most recent opponent. Thankfully, in our final two regular-season games, we face teams we already have beaten, giving us an outstanding opportunity to take a little winning streak into the conference tournament.

Here I am earlier in the season, doing some serious strategizing and motivating.

Our first of those two games was scheduled for this afternoon ... until the weather forecast just got too foreboding.

My friends and family in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Philly and other non-wimpy provinces will laugh at this, but panic set in because snow was forecast to start falling at noon today with accumulations of -- here it comes, folks; grab your kids and run for the hills! -- 1 to 2 inches possible. That's not a typo: 1 to 2 freakin' inches!

That forecast was enough to put the local media on DEFCON 1-to-2 -- which in turn was enough to make the private school we were supposed to play decide to close early, thereby canceling the game. (Later in the day, Charlotte public schools also decided to close early.)

In addition to this being one we had a great chance of winning, Roberta had arranged to get the day off work and was going to get to see her hubby coach for the first time. Plus, it being our last regular-season home game, we were going to honor our 8th-graders at halftime. For so many reasons, I hope it gets rescheduled. (See, it isn't all about me!)

Anyway, as I type this a few minutes after noon, the sun is peeking out through the clouds. The most recent forecast says the snow won't start until at least 5 p.m.

What a bunch of wimps. No wonder they lost the Civil War!


  1. As a southerner, I hate to admit it, but you're right. We don't know how to drive on snow/ice.
    Just a tip for coaching kids (from one coach to another): don't talk to them with your arms hugging yourself. As a coach, you can't protect yourself from your players. Be as open as you can with them, and use your hands to emphasize your points. They look up to you, so you might as well lead them.

  2. Tadpoles: That was just one of several "action pictures" taken from that game. I guess I could have chosen another in which I'm waving my arms in making a point. Thanks for the tip, though.