Friday, January 10, 2014

Big win for my girls, big jam for N.J. guv

Big win Thursday for my lady Eagles!

We had trouble hitting shots all game. On one possession, we had 7 of 'em, mostly from 5 feet and in, and the ball just wouldn't go in the basket.

Tied 20-20 with a few minutes left, our center hit 2 FTs. We later added a clinching layup -- finally, one went in! -- and our defense, the strength of our team, let us hang on to win.

With 3 victories in our last 4 games, we're now 4-5. I'm so proud of how hard these girls battle because we are not the most talented group around. Our next three games are against teams that beat us handily the first time around the league, so we will be heavy underdog. Still, it's comforting as a coach to know that even if we lose, we will never, ever quit.

If I were still a sportswriter, I would dismiss that as coachspeak. But now that I'm a coach, I see it for what it is. Some teams definitely succumb and give up. I love that mine doesn't!


And speaking of succumbing and giving up, how 'bout that Chris Christie, huh?

This has to be my favorite story in months. The New Jersey governor's top staff, including one of his best friends, orchestrated a series of huge traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge as retribution for the mayor of Ft. Lee, N.J., not endorsing him in the last election.

Of course, Christie, whom many consider the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, claimed to have no knowledge of the scheme -- even though one of his best friends was directly involved in it. He also said that, despite his reputation, he is not a bully.

And anybody who disagrees is in for a whuppin' after school!

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