Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Romney: The Bain of Newt's Existence

It's pretty amazing to hear conservative rivals blasting Mitt Romney for being, well, a classic capitalist.

Because if there's one thing nobody should expect a conservative businessman t0 do, it's buying downtrodden companies, stripping them bare, reducing their workforce by 75 percent (or more) and then selling them at a profit.

If Romney wins the GOP nomination, Barack Obama won't even have to say anything to criticize Romney. All he'll have to do is roll tape of Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry calling Romney a ruthless, heartless corporate raider.

I mean, if Newt says that about a fellow Republican ... what will people with actual hearts and souls think of the guy?

It's less amazing to hear how out of touch Romney was when it comes to health insurance. Does he really believe that if you don't like your insurance company you can just fire them?

Far more likely, your insurance fires you. Or jacks up your premium whenever it pleases. Or denies you coverage altogether because of your pre-existing medical condition.

No matter how often Romney dons denim and claims he has experienced financial angst, he'll never be able to relate with regular working stiffs.

Stiffs, maybe. But not regular working stiffs.

I can't for the life of me understand why any conservative Republican would choose Mitt Romney over Gingrich, Santorum or Perry. Nor do I understand why any right-leaning moderate would go for Romney over the far more likable and competent Jon Huntsman. And once we get to the general election, why would any left-leaning moderate vote for Romney over Obama?

Never have so many held their noses while choosing their candidate.

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