Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is Romney one of us? Not very much!

A cold, calculating corporate raider, Mitt Romney has set himself apart from several GOP rivals by mostly avoiding goofy statements.

He is, however, often clueless and out of touch.

No comment illustrates that more than his assertion that the $347,000 he earned for speaking engagements from February 2010 to February 2011 was "not very much."

Romney wears jeans to try to pretend to be one of us, but is he so clueless that he doesn't realize it takes the average American 7 years to earn what he made in his spare time? Doesn't he realize that by calling $374,000 "not very much," he is alienating all the hard-working folks who live paycheck to paycheck?

Why would a regular person vote for somebody like that?


  1. The current president is out of touch as well, but that doesn't stop people from supporting him. Then again, he's the first celebrity to be in office since JFK.

    I've come to the conclusion that we'll never have a particularly competent president again.

  2. I disagree that Obama is out of touch. I don't think he's been a very good president, but for a rich guy he at seems capable of sympathizing with those less fortunate. Unlike Romney, guys like Obama and Santorum weren't born with a silver spoon and coddled their whole lives.

  3. how can they possibly run this guy against obama...are they delusional...pretty funny to hear them..