Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brain-dead Carlson bites Vick ... and other silliness

The Bald Truth

When a person goes to jail, that should be it for him or her. No rehabilitation. No job. No loved ones. No home. No chance at a life once the sentence is served. No nothing.

At least that, apparently, is what Fox yahoo Tucker Carlson believes.

Angry that Barack Obama told Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie that ex-cons deserve the right to contribute to society, Carlson barked: "Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did (it) in a heartless and cruel way. I think personally he should have been executed for that."

Simply executed? Why not stoned to death in the village square?

For trying to imitate an insightful human being, Tucker Carlson should be sentenced to 20 years of having to watch Keith Olbermann on a continuous loop.

Indeed, a fate much worse than death.

The Balder Truth

Now that he has changed Sox, Bobby Jenks is saying Ozzie Guillen doesn't know how to manage a bullpen.

Hmmm. I seem to recall Ozzie running the White Sox bullpen quite well during the 2005 ALCS romp by letting his starters pitch four straight complete games.

Now shaddup, Bobby, and go eat another dozen doughnuts.


Once again, Rafael Palmeiro is saying he never took steroids. He is lobbying to get into the Hall of Fame. He has only a slightly better chance than fellow juicer Felix Heredia.

It's pretty sad when we're left having to believe Jose Canseco over everybody else in the whole juicing mess. Canseco insists he introduced both Palmeiro and Mark McGwire to steroids long ago - but not long before Palmeiro went from being slap-hitter to slugger.

Canseco is a scumbag, to be sure, but his 'roid-related accusations have been proven true over and over again.

McGwire spent most of two decades denying Canseco's claims -- and Big Mac had an army of apologists, led by Gen. Tony La Genius, marching right along with him into an ambush of humiliation.

I'm putting the over-under on Palmeiro's tearful confession at 12 years.


  1. If Carlson's comment was hyperbolic, isn't that first paragraph as well?

    Anyway, Carlson was asked about what he said yesterday:

    "I love dogs - we have three - and I think what Vick did was horrifying and shockingly cruel. Executed? I don't know. I do know that 19 months is a joke. People get more than that for tax evasion. He certainly shouldn't be back in the NFL with Obama rooting for him. What the president said is disgusting. That's the story as far as I'm concerned."

  2. Yeah, and people get less time than that for slapping around a spouse.

    Look, I'm a HUGE dog guy and was disgusted by what Vick did. He deserved jail time and he served it.

    Carlson would have Vick working at a gas station or something. I think the purpose of incarceration is to rehabilitate and reintroduce to society, and returning to one's former employer seems to qualify under my definition.

    As for Obama rooting for Vick - like the millions of fans who voted Vick to the Pro Bowl - Carlson certainly is entitled to his opinion.

    The main difference between a pundit like Carlson and somebody like me is that I'm a true moderate. Not liberal. Not conservative. I look at each issue and then come to an opinion. Ever since I started voting, I have voted for Republicans and Democrats on the same ballot every single year - based on actual issues, not party lines. Imagine that.

    I wouldn't have known what Carlson said had I not read about it because it's almost impossible for me to watch either Fox News or MSNBC. I can't take all the pointless, one-sided screaming.

  3. So there are actually fellow moderates in the world? The liberals group us in with the Tea Party and the conservatives call us RINOs. Muhaha!

    There is so much hate in the world -- as evidenced by Fox and MSNBC. What a bunch of self-absorbed users and losers.

    As for Michael Vick, I wonder why so many people don't accept the simple equation we have in this country: Crime and conviction minus time served equals 0.

  4. "Crime and conviction minus time served equals 0."

    Just because someone serve their time doesn't mean people won't hold their crime against them. Particularly when those crimes come off as vicious and heartless.

  5. Of course it's fine for people to think whatever they want to think about Vick. It's a free country and he did a horrific thing. People, including Tucker Carlson, have the right to hold it against him forever.

    But the entire ideal of our justice system is to rehabilitate convicts and then to let them contribute to society again. I don't see how depriving Vick of his career would have served the common good. If anything, a high-profile person regularly and publicly condemning his past actions only can help.