Thursday, December 23, 2010

NCAA laughs off Pryor offense

The NCAA was at its classic, convoluted, cuckoo best in suspending five Ohio State players - including star QB Terrelle Pryor and leading rusher Boom Herron - for next season's first five games but ruling that the guys can play in next month's Sugar Bowl.

Despite claims to the contrary - laughable claims, indeed - NCAA honchos obviously didn't want to ruin the big-money game against Arkansas. Period.

Pryor, Herron and the others sold various championship rings and awards for cash. They also received improper benefits from - what else? - a tattoo parlor.

The NCAA thought the infractions were serious enough to add a fifth game to what historically is a four-game penalty. Playing in two weeks, however, will be just fine because, the NCAA says, Pryor & Co. “did not receive adequate rules education during the time period the violations occurred."


Next thing you know, some player - say, an Auburn QB - not only won't be punished but will receive the Heisman Trophy after his father gets caught trying to sell the QB's services to the highest bidder.

Not that anything so crazy could ever happen in the wonderful world of NCAA sports.


  1. Maybe the NCAA is giving the Sugar Bowl to OSU as a gift for the holidays. You never know with those crazies.

  2. Well, never let it be said that the NCAA let justice get in the way of money.

  3. will not be watching the bowl games this year no matter what they call them and no matter who is playing...i believe that 66 teams is meaningless...they need to drop all this crap and go to honest to god head to head competition...