Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Strasburg is great, hype is sickening

It was impossible not to be impressed with the poise and command exhibited by Stephen Strasburg in one of the most anticipated debuts in modern sports history.

And yet, I was happy the Nationals Savior gave up that two-run homer to Delwyn Young.

Just a few minutes earlier, Bob Costas was telling his MLB-TV audience that Strasburg might have even more than a Hall-of-Fame career ahead of him. Indeed, Strasburg, he said, might be one of the all-time game-changers for baseball history.

Then, of course, the incessant comparisons to Walter Johnson commenced.

All this approximately 5 innings into Strasburg's big-league debut. Oy. Thank you, Delwyn Young, for interjecting even a few seconds of reality.

Isn't it enough just to say how wonderful Stephen Strasburg is? Do we have to make him an all-time great already?

And so, Strasburg's sizzling introduction to American baseball fans provided examples of both the best and worst of sports today: Tremendous achievement ... and hype run amok.

I mean, I haven't heard an announcer go that batty about a rookie pitcher's performance since Kerry Wood's 20-strikeout game. Before that, it was Mark Fidrych mowing down the Yankees.

We saw what all-time greats Kid K and The Bird turned out to be, right?

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  1. Right on, Mike! I wanted to watch the game, but the hype is overpowering. I wish folks would just calm down and enjoy sports for what they are.

    Thanks for keeping things in perspective, as always.

    Bob Q.