Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cra-Z strikes again!

And that, my friends, is why he's Cra-Z!

I love all the trade speculation concerning Carlos Zambrano now. That's beautiful. I mean, yeah, opposing GMs must be begging Jim Hendry for a chance to land Cra-Z.

After all, Zambrano hasn't been good for almost two years, he has nearly $50 million remaining on his contract and he makes Barry Bonds look like Teammate of the Decade.

If that doesn't spell W-I-N-N-E-R, I don't know what does.

This season in Cubbieland is over; the White Sox have seen to that. And with a roster full of over-the-hill, overpaid losers, 2011 might be over already, too.

Tom Ricketts must be thinking about trying to get his money back. He should take his receipt to Costco; I hear they have the best return policy anywhere.

On the plus side ...

At least Cubbie fans who also love futbol still have Ghana to root for!


  1. ok you know the guy or at least you have had the chance to talk to him and observe him...why does he do such things...i mean i always liked your cra z schtick but he must have gotten something out of it before or when it started?

  2. The man has a screw loose. Or 3.

    Seriously, he is a hypersensitive, egotistical guy. He isn't a mean jerk about 98.6 percent of the time. But the other 1.4 percent ... watch out, Michael Barrett!!

  3. thanks for that...funny and dad says that z has always wanted to blame people for his errors...he say he wouldn't even it make in the the white sox bullpen....he hates the guy...we have never really had anybody on the cards like that...i don't know why but i can't remember anyone in my 56 years having such a bad reputation in st. louie...cept harry carey that is..but that was girls and booze...

  4. what about Juaquin Andujar (sp?) and the 1985 World Series? Wasn't he kind of a hot-head? I'm a Cardninal fan BTW.