Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chicago celebrates: There's a winner in town!

Huge night for Chicago sports, baby!

The Fire managed a 2-2 draw with the Colorado Rapids in thrilling MLS action!!!

What's that? There was a hockey game, too? And the Blackhawks won it, beating the Flyers in OT? Do tell.

Hey, big props to the Blackhawks. Anybody who paid any attention at all knew way back in October that they had the talent to win the franchise's first Stanley Cup in 49 years. But actually doing so took a lot of drive and grit and hard work.

And, in the case of Duncan Keith, a whole mess of teeth.

As I write this, I'm sitting in the office area of my 17th floor, North Side apartment listening to the revelry outside. TV news helicopters are flying over the nearby Wrigleyville area doing live shots of all the partying in the streets. Hopefully, stupidity and hooliganism will be at a minimum so fun can be at a maximum.

I've lived in many metro areas, I grew up near New York and I've covered championship events in just about every major city in North America ... and I consider Chicago the best sports town. It's nice to see folks here getting all revved up about one of the teams.

Three years ago, the Blackhawks were a non-story in Chicago. Tonight, they are The Story in Chicago.

Pretty cool.


  1. tmad here. As a life-long Chicago sports fan, I'm thrilled by the Blackhawks Victory and happy for all true hockey fans in the city. But I must ask, Oh Great Skinhead Seer, why is Chicago cursed to have only one decent/Championship team at a time (usually one per decade)? Not bein' greedy, just askin'.

  2. I'm pretty sure I have never watched a hockey game until this year! And I live in a house full of boys! Never heard of Kane, Toews, or Keith until this year. Didn't know the Blackhawks had a black hockey player. Really? There is such a thing as a black hockey player. But wow, wow, wow!!! How fun it has been getting to know the game, it's players, and the legacy of the Stanley Cup. That game was the bomb! And when it was too much for me to bear, I switched to the Cubs game. Neither game was a dissapointment! Way to go Chicago Teams! Have to run out to get my Byfuglien jersey!!!

  3. I've never paid much attention to Hockey until the Stanley Cup finals this year. Not having the Blackhawks on TV was probably why we never paid attention to it growing up. But it sure was fun to watch this series. I'll probably start watching more of it in the future because of this Blackhawks team.

    Now on to the World Cup!

  4. Lucky me, I have had the good fortune to be born and live in Chicago. Meaning I have gotten to see 2 Cups, 1961 and 2010. Plus the Sox beat the Cubs today so all around one great day!